Fruit Snack Comparison

Lesson Topic:

Nutrition Facts label

Lesson Description:

Students will use the Nutrition Facts label and actual fruit snacks to compare the nutrition and taste of different brands of fruit snacks.

Learning Goals/Outcomes:

Students will be able to use the Nutrition Facts label to compare and contrast three different fruit snack brands to determine the healthier product.

Nebraska Standards:

HSE.MS.6.7 Identify the information found on food labels and discuss the importance of each.

HSE.HS.3.8.a Compare and contrast food labels to determine healthier product.

HSE.HS.3.8.c Demonstrate ability to interpret the Nutrition Facts label.

Teacher Planning:

Equipment/Materials Needed:

Fruit Snack Comparison Digital Template
Fruit_Snacks_D02wW5c.JPGFruit Snack Comparison Digital Template

Fruit Snack Comparison Digital Template

Time Required for Lesson:

30-45 minutes

Lab Set-up:

Label the resealable food storage bags with the letters A, B, and C. In the bag labeled A, add the individual pieces from the Kellogg's® (Mixed Berry) Fruity Snacks pouches. In the bag labeled B, add the individual pieces from the Mott's® (Assorted Fruit) Fruit Snacks pouches. In the bag labeled C, add the individual pieces from the Welch's® (Mixed Fruit) Fruit Snacks pouches. 

Technology Use:

__X*__ YES               _____NO

*This lesson could be printed out and not require technology. 

Instructional Plan:

Anticipatory Set/Pre-Activity:

Review the purpose and how to read the nutrition facts label. Also cover the new changes to the food label (such as calories now larger and bolder, added sugar is required, etc.). Recommended resources: 

Benefits/Explanation/Career Readiness Standards:

Nebraska Career Readiness Standard 5: Uses critical thinking 

Nebraska Career Readiness Standard 9: Utilizes technology

Activities (i.e. instructions, lesson, lab or project):

  • Give each student a paper copy of the Fruit Snack Comparison Printer Friendly Template or digital access to the Fruit Snack Comparison Digital Template
  • The section in Orange: 
  • The section in Green:
    • Have students predict which fruit snack is nutritionally the best.
    • Conduct a taste test. Label a paper plate or paper towel A, B, and C spread out on the outer edge. Have students record their prediction of which letter corresponds to which fruit snack brand.
      • By letter A, put a sample (a few individual pieces from a pouch) of the Kellogg's® (Mixed Berry) Fruity Snacks
      • By letter B, put a sample  (a few individual pieces from a pouch) of the Mott's® (Assorted Fruit) Fruit Snacks
      • By letter C, put a sample  (a few individual pieces from a pouch) of the Welch's® (Mixed Fruit) Fruit Snacks 


  • The section in Blue:
    • Reveal which letter corresponds to each fruit snack brand.
    • Have students rank the taste of each fruit snack, now that they know which one is which.
    • Discuss the nutrition of each fruit snack. (Consider putting the fruit snack boxes around the room and physically have students move to be next to their choices.)  Here are possible justifications:
      • Welch's® (Mixed Fruit) Fruit Snack is the best because the first ingredient is Fruit Puree and it has the highest percentage of Daily Value for Vitamin A and C combined.
      • Mott's® (Assorted Fruit) Fruit Snacks is second because it has less sugar and it has the second highest percentage of Daily Value for Vitamin A and C combined. 
      • Kellogg's® (Mixed Berry) Fruity Snack is third because of the limited percentage of Daily Value for Vitamin A and C.
  • Lastly, consider discussing how it is always best to eat whole fruit, followed by drinking 100% fruit juice over eating fruit snacks. 

Assessment :

Formative: Grade using the Fruit Snack Comparison Answer Key

Supplemental Information:


Instead of typing or writing, highlight the key Nutrition Facts label information. Use the template as a guide and have a discussion-based lesson. 

Safety Precautions:

Consider students' food allergies and dietary restrictions. The Welch's® (Mixed Fruit) Fruit Snacks are gluten free, but contain gelatin.  Kellogg's® (Mixed Berry) Fruity Snacks are gluten free, but contain gelatin. Mott's® (Assorted Fruit) Fruit Snacks are gluten free and gelatin free. 

Comments (adaptations for various grades/ages, teaching styles, etc.)

This lesson could be modified for advanced nutrition students. Example ideas include: add more parts of the Nutrition Facts label to the template for students to retrieve, add additional brands of fruit snacks, require written or verbal explanations for opinion ratings, and identify the names of added sugars and changed the color and/or added an astrict next to all the added sugars in each fruit snack. 

Please note the reference to commercial products or trade names does not imply endorsement or bias against those not mentioned. 

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