Thoughtful Classroom Tool (name and book title/page)BECAUSE
Teacher NameGrade/Subjects TaughtAll staff Pre-K through 8th grade
Brief Tool DescriptionWhat is its purpose? Is it for a particular dimension of the Thoughtful Classroom framework? What do the teacher and students do during the strategy that make it valuable?A tool that teaches students to support their thinking with reasons and evidence by encouraging  them to provide a “because” for every claim they make or answer they give.
Example(s) of How to Use the Tool in the ClassroomDoes it lend itself best to a particular subjects? Have you used the strategy successfully with a particular topic? Is there a lesson you can describe that illustrates how to use it?Primary grades utilize the tool to expand explanations, as a reminder to think further, and for use in spelling the word during writing! Upper grades utilizes the tool daily in both verbal and written communication to develop the students skills in elaboration.
Suggestions for AdaptationsCould it be easily adapted for a higher/lower grade? For a different subject area? For assessment?Grade 6-8 ELA teacher finds this helpful when students are reluctant to answer out loud.  She will have every student write their answer on a sheet of paper and provide a BECAUSE explanation so that she can assess their understanding
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