Empowered Learner: 9th Grade PE

Empowered Learner: 9th Grade PE


This Empower Learner Activity engages students in self-assessment, preliminary goal setting and reflection on use of learning strategies within the context of Middle School PE. In addition, there is also a choice board at the bottom that engages students in some degree of control over how they practices the Vocabulary and Skills taught. This activity was created by Kristin Kroeker of Freeman Public Schools in association with the Nebraska ESUCC/NCSA BlendEd Pilot Project.

Content Area Skills

PE.HS.1.1.a Performs and/or refines activity-specific movement skills in four or more lifetime activities (e.g., outdoor pursuits, aquatics, net games, individual performance activities). 

Digital Age Skills

Empowered Learner

Student Friendly Objectives:

I Can explain the Archery rules.

I Can execute the Archery skills.

Link to Empowered Learner Activity:

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Download: Empower_Learners_Template__PE.pdf

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