Empowered Learner: 5th Grade Social Studies

Empowered Learner: 5th Grade Social Studies


This Empower Learner Activity engages students in self-assessment, preliminary goal setting and reflection on use of learning strategies within the context of 5th Grade Social Studies. This activity was created by Scott Hill of Thayer Central Community Schools in association with the Nebraska ESUCC/NCSA BlendEd Pilot Project.

Content Area Skills

SS 5.4.1.c Examine the chronology of historical events in the United States and their impact on the past, present, and future

SS 5.4.2.a Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of people, events, ideas, and symbols, including various cultures and ethnic groups, by era

Digital Age Skills

Empowered Learner

Student Friendly Objectives:

I can identify actions in North Africa to defeat the Axis Powers.

I can identify the strategies and significant battles in the war on the Pacific front.

I can describe the changes in life in the United States after World War II.

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