Empowered Learner: MS/HS Ag / Exploratory Science

Empowered Learner: MS/HS Ag / Exploratory Science


This Empower Learner Activity is designed for an Ag or Exploratory Science class. Students will self-assess, set preliminary goals, and think through learning strategies. This activity was created by Devin Garcia and Katie Husman of Diller Odell Public Schools in association with the Nebraska ESUCC/NCSA BlendEd Pilot Project.

Content Area Skills


Choose plants for a specific landscape and cropping situations. 

Digital Age Skills

Empowered Learner

Student Friendly Objectives:

I Can propagate a plant.

I Can explain the benefits of crop rotation.

I Can compare three types of farming

Link to Empowered Learner Activity:

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Download: Empower_Learners__Ag___Exploratory_Science.pdf

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