The GenWe Classroom

                The students will come up with their own way to be assessed. They will have to propose the method of assessment to you and the other teachers. Once everyone is in agreement (including the principal) the student will then do whatever they proposed.

                If a student suggests defending a dissertation, it would be helpful to get an unbiased panel of teachers not involved in the day to day activities of the GenWe Classroom to do the evaluation. A panel of people from the community is another way to get unbiased results.

                Students who would like to write an essay can be graded by their peers. Information about anonymous peer grading is coming soon.

                Students can submit an article to be published. If the article is published, it can be considered an automatic pass, or "A". Not getting published is not a failure worthy of failing the class. Being rejected is a natural process of trying to get published. Even if the article is not selected by the magazine or website, the student still put a lot of time and effort into it. If it is rejected, then the student can decide to present it to their classmates to evaluate it.

                Assessments in this class may be a little more like how an employee is evaluated at their job. If the employee follows the rules, comes to work every day, and has something to show for the amount of time they have put into it, then they get a favorable evaluation. It is the same with the GenWe Classroom. Really, the only way to fail is to not do an end of term evaluation. In life, failing means getting fired from the job. In the GenWe Classroom, failing means not being allowed to participate in future semesters.

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