The GenWe Classroom

                The time for planning is over, and now you are entering the classroom with your students. The first week is critical. Review information from the beginning modules. This is it. This is when you put your theory into practice. Remember you have two more weeks with your instructor and peers to help you and give you feedback. You also have your guide and cheat sheets. Put them somewhere you will think of when you are flustered.

                The first week is critical. You set the stage for what you expect from the students. You expect them to work out their own conflicts. You expect them to do so in a constructive way. You will help them if they ask for it, but if they do not; you will keep your distance and let them learn. Everyone has an equal voice and has the right to voice their opinion. If you do not vote, you still have to follow the rules; not voting does not exempt you from adhering to the constitution.

                All of these things must be discussed in these crucial first days. The students also need space to work. It will be a balancing act of helping students understand and letting them do their thing. The only rule is the constitution must be completed by the end of the week, and everyone needs to sign. It is possible a student will not want to sign. Perhaps suggesting they sign a paper stating they understand by taking this course they are subject to the rules and procedures laid out by the constitution and by attending class they are part of the society and under the jurisdiction of its rules. There is always a way to settle conflicts, especially with students who are trying to make a point by flexing their "it's my right not to have to sign it" muscles.

                Good luck, and remember to have fun.

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