Preparing a Digital Career Portfolio: A HS Career Seminar Lesson

Title of Lesson: Preparing a Digital Portfolio

Course Name:  Career Seminar

Grade Level:  11th and 12th Grade

Author’s Name:  Holly J. Hartman

School District:  Eastern Lebanon County School District

PA Academic Standards for Business, Computer and Information Technology
15.2. Career Management
15.2.12.K. Apply networking skills as a resource for further career portfolio development and career opportunities.
15.2.12. L. Analyze how personal qualities and behavior apply in the workplace.

15.4. Computer and Information Technologies
15.4.12.A. Apply the creative and productive use of emerging technologies for educational and personal success.
PA Academic Standards for Career Education and Work
13.2. Career Acquisition (Getting a Job)
13.2.11.A Apply effective speaking and listening skills used in a job interview.
13.2.11.D Analyze, revise, and apply an individualized career portfolio to chosen career path.
13.2.11.E Demonstrate, in the career acquisition process, the application of essential workplace skills/knowledge, such as, but not limited to: commitment, communication, dependability, personal initiative, self-advocacy, time management, team building, technical literacy, and technology.

13.3. Career Retention and Advancement
13.3.11.A Evaluate personal attitudes and work habits that support career retention and advancement.
Learning Objectives
Students will be able to:
  • Prepare a digital portfolio that could be used to apply for college, scholarships, and/or a job.
  • Analyze the relationship between the activities they have been involved in throughout high school and the relevant workplace skills and attributes they have developed.
  • Practice organizational, time management, and communication skills as they prepare their personal portfolios.
Conceptual Background
Please note that this digital portfolio project is assigned towards the end of the Career Seminar course after completing most of the course curriculum which prepares them for this project.  It also should be noted that the Career Seminar curriculum was written for juniors and seniors in high school.  Significant time during the course is dedicated to having students determine and develop skills that should be attained to find success in the career world.  Also, students complete several interest inventories, personality tests, and a careers exploration project to develop a potential career plan.  They complete team building and problem solving activities with a culminating leadership project through Lead2Feed.  Finally, students will have completed an application letter and a résumé before beginning this project.Students may use PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote or any other presentation software to prepare slides that will be screenshot and then placed in the Book Creator app. Students must create a speech for every slide and record each speech in Book Creator.  The final project must be exported as a .mov file. This assignment could be completed with iMovie and/or in the presentation software that is used.  An iPad is needed to use the Book Creator app, but it is very simple to record the speeches and export the .mov file.
Instructional Procedure
Activating Strategy for Digital Portfolio
Instructional Procedures for Digital Portfolio 
Formative Assessment
It is important to monitor each student’s progress throughout the project.  Talk with each student to determine if he/she has questions and if they are progressing with each step.  Offer to meet with individuals outside of class if extra time is needed.  Also, be available to offer advice on the progress the students are making.  This project is designed, though, to teach students the importance of effective time management and organizational skills.  The workplace will require students to complete projects.  Students need to problem solve and develop a plan to accomplish the task presented.  Below are the links to the feedback review and the evaluation forms.
Materials Needed
  • Presentation Software
  • Student Example  (Please note the first two slides can’t be shared because of the personal information that is placed on those slides.)
National Network of Business & Industry Associations. (2014). Common Employability Skills 

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