Communicating in Math

Title: Communicating in Math


Students will practice skills in problem solving and verbally communicating the steps to solving using Flipgrid.


Math--Problem Solving

Length of lesson:

2 class periods (2 hours) initially and periodic reviews of the process as the topic changes and new students enter the class.

College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS)

CCRS Math 6.SP.5

Lesson Objective(s): At the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

Verbalize the steps to solve a math problem involving data


Cell phones/laptops, class notes, problem sheet

Lesson Outline:

Verbalizing Math Solutions

  1. Solve a math problem together (problem will be related to skills that we are working on at the time)
  2. Teacher model a written, verbal explanation of how to solve the problem
  3. Solve another math problem together
  4. Guided practice -- working together to verbalize
  1. Explanation frames for verbalization
  1. First,
  2. To solve this problem, first…
  3. The problem wants you to…
  4. The first thing you need to do is…
  5. Next,
  6. Then,
  7. Finally,
  8. You will need to…
  1. Small group practice --
  1. Divide class into two evenly sized groups
  2. Give each group a different data problem to solve as a group
  3. As a small group, work out how to explain how to solve it to someone else
  4. Bring the two groups back together and pair students from each group
  5. Each pair member needs to explain how to solve their problem
  1. Repeat small group practice as necessary
  2. Assessment -- students will be given a problem to solve they will record their solution using Flipgrid
  1. Assessment criteria
  1. Explanation is clear
  2. All necessary steps are shown and explained
  3. Solution is accurate
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