Fast Food in German-Speaking Countries


Through providing an overview about food habits and the recent trends in the fast food culture in German-speaking countires, students gain knowledge in that field and become more confident in ordering food as they have to practice real world situations. This activity also contains a brief introduction to influences from other countries and cultures as well as immigration.


Mettbrötchen: Brötchen belegt mit Mett (rohes Hackfleisch vom Schwein) mit Zwiebeln, Schnittlauch, Pfeffer und Salz.

Schniposa: Abkürzung für Schnitzel, Pommes und Salat (in der Regel grüner Salat).



Download: Fast_Food.pdf


Doener Menu
Menu.pngDoener Menu

Doener Menu


Download: Instructions.pdf


Download: Food.m4a


Download: Reading_Gastarbeiter.pdf

Download: Döner_History.pdf

Priming Task

Materials: Cards

Download: Fast_Food_cpgCt2D.pdf

Students will look at the food pictures and will have to practice how to order food at a German Imbiss. They can choose from the options provided or come up with other light meals.

For example:

Ich hätte gerne …

Für mich bitte …

Kann ich bitte … haben?

Ein (belegtes Brötchen) bitte.

Preparation Task #1

Materials: Menu, Video

Doener Menu
Menu_xK28JDy.pngDoener Menu

Doener Menu

Using a authentic menu, students will walk through different orders at a Doener Laden. Students will pair up. One student will be the customer and one student will be the server. To make the scenario more specific and limit the possible orders that a student creates, tell the student that they only have a certain Euro amount (such as 4 Euro). To make this activity more complex, have students add or omit certain aspects of their order, or even ask a question about the ingredients of the dish.  

Order food

Have students watch the video (and read the subtitle) which shows an instance of how to make a food order.

Download: subtitle.pdf

For example:

I would like the Döner Curry mit Pommes but I don’t want any bell pepper and I would like twice the onions, please.

Für mich bitte den Döner Curry mit Pommes aber ohne Paprika und mit viel Zwiebeln.

I had a question about the Dönerrolle Dürüm...what is in that?

Entschuldigung, was ist in der Dönerrolle Dürüm alles drin?

Preparation Task #2

Read the INSTRUCTIONS and listen to the AUDIO. Have students answer the questions in the instructions document.

Download: Instructions_bka4Z5i.pdf

Download: Food_aZGGfte.m4a

Target Task

Materials: Reading Gastarbeiter

Download: Reading_Gastarbeiter_efW5NsI.pdf

Have students read the reading about Gastarbeiter in Deutschland. Reference again, that the inventor of the Döner was a Gastarbeiter. Have students answer the questions:

  1. Denkt ihr es war einfach für Gastarbeiter nach Deutschland zu gehen und dort zu arbeiten?

  2. Gibt es Einwanderer in den USA?

  3. Wo kommen sie her?


Watch the video and talk about humour in German-speaking countries.

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