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Students are often limited when it comes to learning about water and how things can move around in different mediums. With GoPros they could explore the laws of science from new angles,  in slow motion and most of all, up close and personal under the depths of the water surface. Having a camera that is waterproof would allow them to make more accurate and detailed observations when examining how different objects react in water. Rather than reading a description in a book, they could first-handedly learn how igneous and metamorphic rocks interact different in water; or observe how porosity and mass buoyancy. Students could learn about density, acceleration, displacement and so much more with the capabilities that these cameras would provide.

In a larger scale experiment, they could record different bodies as they plummet into a pool.  As well as jumping, subjects could perform several movements such as twisting, walking, lifting and flipping. From the experiment they could observe and determine speed of a body’s entrance and  depth into water, how long it took to reach the maximum depth, time span to reach the surface after the jump, force of impact, displacement, buoyancy of different body types, observations type of entry (jump vs. dive), posture and wave patterns. A variety of classes would benefit from these experiments.  For example,  biology classes would be able to observe how the human body moves in water. Students would document the resistance the body has and how movement is altered. Similarly, Physics students could calculate angles, as well observe the different forces and pressures that are acting on the body. They would benefit so much more from seeing new videos and images that we make ourselves, rather than just reading about and looking at diagrams made by science companies. Physics and music students would observe how sound is affected underwater, the waves travel faster and sounds are often distorted. Students could calculate the different frequencies of noises made underwater and compare them to noises in air and different instruments and voices.

Digital media, art and broadcasting students could obtain unique shots to use in their projects and portfolios. Human movements underwater are much different because the Law of Buoyancy is present. Even the Physical Education class could benefit from the GoPro and this experiment. Instructors could use the videos to teach students proper formation when entering the water. Students could observe the do’s and don’t of diving and jumping in water.

The GoPro would allow us to make many new discoveries under the surface of water and let us learn about the whole new world of aquatic interactions.

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