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Many people have fears and concerns about teen driving which can lead to teens feeling insecure about their driving skills. Teen crashes are an epidemic that effect most adults on the road today. The first thing adults think of when teenagers get their permits is to stay off the road. Although they do have reason to worry about teen drivers either crashing into them or cutting them off, I believe that every teen driver could become a better driver by simply watching a video made by other teenagers. In the first year on the road, teens are ten times more likely to be in a crash, because of lack of focus or distractions. The risk of a crash also increases incrementally with each mile per hour over the speed limit. Nine out of ten teens also use their cell phones while they are driving a vehicle which is a huge factor in the amount of accidents teens get into. Many statistics about teen driving could be lowered by simply teaching young teens the rules of the road and necessary caution while operating a motor vehicle.

With the Gopro’s I would like to create an informative and interesting educational video about the rules of the road and simple actions that could prevent teens from making mistakes behind the wheel. There are already videos that can teach teens proper driving etiquette, but most of them are unappealing to teens who view them as old and boring. My video will get the attention of teens and get them interested in learning about rules and proper ways of driving. In my video I will demonstrate and teach teens important rules and regulations that they need to know including right of way, road signs and what to do in various types of emergencies. The Gopro’s that you send us will be mounted to different points on and in the car so that there are multiple shots gathered to demonstrate driving techniques. I chose this topic because as a teen myself, I see not only my friends but also teens from around the world getting into accidents where they injure themselves and others. I have watched many teens have to go to court and pay outrageous fees for crashes that could possibly have been prevented if the teen had known rules and proper driving techniques. Teen driving statistics could be reduced very easily with your help.

 I will be mounting the Gopro’s to the side and top of my car to get the best shots for the video. I will be driving around my town with the mounted Gopro’s to a couple of intersections and stop signs to demonstrate a few rules and to give information about the intersections.  After each lesson there will be a slide that will show a birds eye view of the situation. Some of the situations on the road might be more suitable to be held in the school parking lot; it will be much easier to explain some situations without any traffic and it will be safer to be in a controlled environment especially when I am explaining the things that teens do wrong while driving.

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