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What makes Hamilton Central, Hamilton Central. 


Every school in the world is different, each with its own unique parts, and Hamilton Central is no exception. We are very proud of our close knit school between the teachers and students, and all of the students know each other. However for new students and teachers at Hamilton that is a very radical change, most students come from larger schools and aren’t used to the small numbers that Hamilton offers. We are very fortunate to have Colgate University here to help us stay a perfect size, while being able to maintain all of the classesses that much larger schools offer as well. I think an issue for Hamilton is letting the general public and new Colgate Faculty with prospective students know what we have to offer, from electives, advanced placement classes to sports teams.

This can be solved with a simple fix, create a video that shows the entire school day of an average Hamilton Central Student with a wide range of classes. I think if the video included our schools morning ritual, unique to Hamilton, all the way until the last sports team practices at night. Each class recorded would show the viewers how many students are in the classes, what the content consists of and the teaching style of the teachers. If we had GoPro’s we could mount them on the heads of a few students and just have them go about their day like they weren’t wearing them. I think that there are a few critical experiences of the average Hamilton Central day that should be highlighted for new faculty, and students. Due to our individuality as a school some classes that we offer may be different from what any other school may offer, and that gives us the ability to be more diverse. Our mission through the lense of a Gopro is to capture how all the classes function and what makes them different from the school that these students are coming from. We believe that because we are a small school many of the students would be coming from much larger schools than Hamilton Central, we can put the final product of our film and attach it to our schools website for students planning on coming to Hamilton to get adjusted to how things run in a much smaller environment. Due to Colgate constantly hiring new faculty and staff they are bound to bring with them prospective student and future families. This video would be a great way for these kids to see what its like to be a Hamiltonian ‘first hand’ before they step into the school. Another added bonus would be that it would give students a visual representation of the course selection Hamilton has to offer so in the case of late comers, juniors or seniors that is, they know right away what they might like to take as electives.

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