Unit Honey Bee- Module 1-3 (view)

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Unit 1
Learning goals:
1.Students will examine the ways in which the declining bee population can impact day to day life, as well as causes to this population decline., 2..Students will be able to develop a thesis relating to the declining bee population and its impact on the world’s resources., 3. 1.Students will evaluate research articles to determine which resources adhere to the CRAAP method of evaluation., 4. 1.Students will construct a research paper which meets the predetermined criteria as set out by the assignment sheet and rubric., 5.Students will use variables to write expressions and/or equations when simplifying/solving real-world problems related to the declining bee population., 6. Students will use the Engineering Design Process to design and create one of the following in order to positively impact their local bee population.
PASTEM, ELA, Mathematics, Statistics


Students will examine ways declining bee population can impact day to day life, by considering how the cost of honey and pollination has been affected society Students will create real-world problems that relate to statistics on the declining bee population.