3.OA.A.3 Modeling Multi-Step Problem_Derek's Cookout

3.OA.A.3 Modeling Multi-Step Problem

Evidence Statement 3.D.1  Solve multi-step contextual word problems with degree of difficulty appropriate to Grade 3, requiring application  of knowledge and skills in Type 1 Evidence Statements

Derek's Cookout

Derek bought hamburger and hot dog rolls for a cookout. 

  • He bought 5 packages of hot dog rolls, with 6 rolls in each package. 
  • He also bought 7 packages of hamburger rolls, with 8 rolls in each package.

Find the total number of rolls Derek bought for his cookout. 

Explain your answer using an equation or equations. 

Enter your answer and your equation or equations in the space provided.

Student Copy

Download: 3.OA.A.3_Dereks_Cookout_.docx

Scoring Rubric

Score of 3 Points

Student response includes each of the following 3 elements.

·         Computation component- identifies the correct number of rolls as 86 total rolls.  

·         Modeling component: Provides equations showing how to find the total number of the two different types of rolls.  

·         Modeling component- Provides an equation to find the total number of rolls.  

Sample Student Response: Derek had a total of 86 total rolls. 7 x 8 = 56 is the total number of hamburger rolls. 5 x 6 = 30 is the total number of hotdog rolls. I used the equation 56 + 30 = 56 to find the total number of rolls Derek bought.

Score of 2 Points

Student response includes 2 of the 3 elements. Or, the student does not compute the correct total number of rolls due to a computation error but provides a valid strategy and equations.

Score of 1 Point

Student response includes 1 of the 3 elements.

Score of 0 Points

Student response is incorrect or irrelevant. 

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