Evaluating Reliable Resources

Evaluating Reliable Sources

KatarzynaTyl. Information. 17 Jan. 2017. Pixabay, pixabay.com.
information-1985655_640_zX3bhCj.pngKatarzynaTyl. Information. 17 Jan. 2017. Pixabay, pixabay.com.


KatarzynaTyl. Information. 17 Jan. 2017. Pixabay, pixabay.com.

Lesson: Evaluating Reliable Sources

Lesson Overview

This lesson addresses the importance of locating and verifying reliable sources when working with online information. Students will compare and contrast different sources on the same topic and think about what makes one source more reliable than another. They will then work collaboratively to develop a checklist of questions for source evaluation.

Students will also zero in on the significance of evaluating sources for bias. They will learn to identify the author’s or designer’s purpose in online information and use this skill to search out biased viewpoints. Students will react to sources presented online and identify common reasoning errors in reactions to digital information.


Students will be able to:

  • Locate reliable sources online
  • Evaluate digital sources for reliability and bias
  • Identify common reasoning errors when approaching digital information

Essential Questions

  • What makes an online source reliable?
  • How do we identify bias and avoid thinking errors when evaluating online information?

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