4.OA.A.3 Multi-Step Flawed Reasoning Problem - Layla’s Bracelets

4.OA.A.3 Multi-Step Flawed Reasoning Problem - Layla’s Bracelets

Evidence Statement 4.C.5-1-Distinguish correct explanation/reasoning from that which is flawed, and – if there is a flaw in the argument – present corrected reasoning. (For example, some flawed ‘student’ reasoning is presented and the task is to correct and improve it.) Content Scope: Knowledge and skills articulated in 4.OA.3

Layla's Bracelets

Layla collected 346 shells while on vacation with her family at Dewey Beach. When she got home, she decided to use the shells to make bracelets. She needs exactly 8 shells for each bracelet. Layla stated that she will be able to make 44 bracelets.

·       Identify the incorrect reasoning in Layla’s thinking.  

·       Identify the correct number of bracelets Layla can make.

·       Explain why your reasoning is correct.  

Enter your answers and explanations in the space provided.


Student Copy

Download: 4.OA.A.3_Laylas_Bracelets.docx





Student response includes the following 3 elements.  

·                Reasoning Component = 2 points  

Valid explanation of Layla’s error, providing a clear understanding of interpreting remainders

Valid explanation given for the correct number of bracelets Layla can make

·                Computation Component = 1 point  

The student provides a correct number of bracelets that can be made, 43


Student response includes 2 of the 3 elements.   


Student response includes 1 of the 3 elements.  


Student response is incorrect or invalid.   

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