B11 Partnering to Transform Foster Care Through the Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI); Part 1

Jennifer Rodriguez; Diana Macis; Tracy Schiro; Lucy Salcido Carter


Come learn about California’s QPI effort to transform foster care by re-orienting system practice and policy to meet the core developmental needs of children and youth through prioritizing excellent; loving parenting. Although child development; brain and trauma research have definitively established excellent parenting as a foundational element to support healthy child and youth development and well-being; systems have often undermined; rather than supported; effective parenting. Approximately 70 jurisdictions in 10 states; including 26 counties in California; have joined the QPI movement. Families; youth; agency leaders and staff; judicial partners and community agencies are working in partnership to make the practice; culture and policy changes necessary to prioritize relationships and ensure the healthy development of children and youth in child welfare.

Download: B11_C11--_Partnering_to_Transform_Foster_Care_Through_the_Quality_Parenting_Initiative_QPI.pdf

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