Video: Dangerous working situation

Man lifting cement bags using body weight and rope

This is a very short video where you see a man at the top of the scaffold; he is jumping down as a method for bringing a sack of cement up. You may use this video clip as a start of a discussion about how to make a work place like this safe; what to do and not to do.

You can give this text to students after seing the viedo - to start a discussion.

Look at this method for lifting cement bags. To jump down, like this man is doing, is a risky activity which may cause injuries. The jumping man might loose the grip of the rope and fall. He may jump into the parts of the unfinished building and hurt himself. The injuries might be serious. How do workers in your country normally bring cement bags upto the top of such a scaffold? Do they use jumping men, technical helping aids, or what? 

You can discuss how this work can be done with a lower risk of accidents and injuries.

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