Arabic Language Activity Template

Description of Activity

Write a clear description of your language learning activity. Briefly summarize your activity and the content/ themes addressed, as well as its overall teaching and learning objectives.

Materials Needed

List the materials needed to complete the activity in the classroom.

Time Needed

List the time needed to complete the activity, including preparation time, lessons and activities, and assessment.

Foreign Language Learning Standards Addressed

List the specific language learning standards addressed in your activity.

Reference Resources
Standards for Foreign Language Learning (Full PDF)
Quick Guide to the Standards for Foreign Language Learning

Academic Vocabulary

List and define new vocabulary used in this activity.

Can-Do Statements

Can-do statements indicate what a student must be able to do to meet the language learning standard and content focus that your activity addresses. List your Can-do statements below. 

Reference Resources
LinguaFolio Network's Tips for Writing Can-Do Statements
Tips for Writing Student Learning Outcomes - IUPUI

Student Tasks

Identify how you will direct learning through specific student tasks, and how these tasks relate to your can-do statements and the language learning standards addressed. Describe the student tasks below, indicating how teachers should implement or guide those tasks.


Describe the assessment approach and assessment questions that will be used to assess the targeted skills and knowledge developed by students through the activity.

Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills

Describe the prior knowledge and skills students need to have to participate in this activity.


List, upload and link to other resources to support the use of this project in the classroom, and include possible extensions



After the activity has been implemented in the classroom, add student work and data on student progress for future teachers to benefit from.

Student Work

Upload images, documents, pdfs, and/or videos that show examples of student work.

Student Data

List any classroom observations and examples of student progress and motivation.

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