Global OER Remix Challenge: STE{A}M


The Global OER Remix Challenge is an opportunity for educators to find, use, remix, and share open educational resources (OER) that bring science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STE{A}M) into their teaching. The Challenge will take place during the 2013-2014 school year and include participants from around the world. It is facilitated by ISKME and uses OER Commons as a platform to share and organize resources and publish remixed curriculum.

About Remix:

A remix refers to a non-linear re-interpretation of a given work or media. Such as a hybridizing process combining fragments of various works. The process of combining and re-contextualizing will often produce unique results independent of the intentions and vision of the original designer/artist/author. The concept of a remix has been applied to music, visual arts, opensource software and OER.[1] 

Open licensing, such as creative commons, allows authors to license and share their OER in ways that support remix, so that others can copy and modify the OER to fit the needs of their students.    

Check out OER Remix Examples from ISKME's Teachers as Makers Remix Lab

Remixing music, softward & art
RemixRemixing music, software & art


  • support educators in finding and using high quality STE{A}M OER in their teaching
  • facilitate cross-cultural OER collaboration with educators from around the world
  • train educators to remix and share OER online


Winter 2014

  • December: Launch and promote the Global OER Remix Challenge: STE{A}M with educators in North and South America, Europe, and the MENA region
  • February 12, 8am US Pacific Time: Kickoff Introductory online training with participants to introduce the Challenge, share resources, introduce tagging and group features, answer questions, and help participants develop a plan for implementation

Meeting Agenda:

Welcome & Introductions

 Overview of agenda, goals and outcomes


Background Info & History of ISKME’s Design Challenges

 STEAM inspiration with Project Zero’s Studio Thinking Framework and OER creation with the Sun Curve Design Challenge


 Introduce Global OER Remix Challenge: STEAM

Overview of STEAM homepage

Highlight exemplars 



Getting Started



Join the challenge

  • Participants share their STEAM interests/potential focus areas in Timeline Discussion
  • Create collaboration teams based on their interests/potential focus areas

Search, advanced search and tag STEAM


STEAM Remix Planning & Next Steps


  • Find OER to remix
  • Find co-authors to work with
  • Create remix using Open Author and implement in teaching by June 1, 2014
  • Publish remix using Open Author by June 30, 2014 



Reflections & Takeaways


Meeting Login Info:

Topic: Global OER Remix Challenge: STE{A}M 
Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 
Time: 8:00 am, Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco, GMT-08:00) 
Meeting Number: 575 989 963 
Meeting Password: (This meeting does not require a password.) 

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5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen. 

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Spring 2014

  • March: Search, tag, and save STE{A}M OER
  • April: Remix OER using Open Author
  • May: Use STE{A}M OER in the classroom

Summer 2014

  • June: Publish remixed OER using Open Author and save in Group
  • July: Awardees announced


  • Use STE{A}M OER in the classroom by June 2014
  • Publish remixed OER by June 2014


A review panel, made up of educators, students and project partners will review all remixed OER and select awardees based on the following criteria:

  • innovative use and integration of STE{A}M subject areas
  • creative use of resources, technologies, and materials
  • clear explanation and easily understood documentation of remixed OER
  • incorporation of various media (videos, images) in remixed OER
  • thorough reflection of how remixed OER was implemented in their teaching and documentation of student work

Featured Resources:

Sun Curve Design Challenge: a wiki page that documents the Sun Curve Design Challenge, inspired by the "Sun Curve" aquaponic garden sculpture, to challenge teachers and students to produce new OER materials and incorporate green design thinking into the classroom.

Nature Journaling: Integrating art, science, and language arts: various exercises and activities that take students through drawing and writing, as a way to gather information. Later, they employ these skills to put together a field guide, make treasure maps, and to write short stories and poems. 

STE{A}M OER: over 100 OER that have been tagged with the keyword STE{A}M on OER Commons

Harvard's Project Zero Studio Thinking Framework Eight Habits of Mind

Remixed OER Template: a template that can be copied and published using Open Author

How to Use Open Author on OER Commons

Remix Guidelines:

Here are some questions to consider when remixing OER:

  • What are subject(s) would you like to focus your remix?
  • What type of pedagogy (teaching methods and styles) would you like to use in this remix?
  • What materials and resources would you need to teach this OER?
  • What would your design for the remixed OER look like?
  • How would you structure the OER?
  • Where would you teach this OER?
  • Who would the students be (grade, age, learning style, etc.)?
  • How would the students learn/experience this OER?
  • What would you rename your remixed OER design?
  • How would your remix connect to the local community?
  • Who would participate in your remixed OER (students, other educators, parents, community members, etc.)?
  • How will this OER meet your student's needs?
  • How is this OER connected to your greater goals as an educator and your school/organization/community goals?


For more resources about this design challenge including OERCommons tutorials, sets of STEAM OER, and a map of participating groups visit the  Global OER Remix Challenge page. 

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