Determination of angle of projection for maximum range

Pre-lab reflections

- What forces are at play on a body under freefall ?

- Make a prediction of which angle results in maximum range.



-   Open the projectile sim, projectile motion from PHET Simulations.



-   Familiarize yourself with the variables shown there.

-   Ensure the air resistance check box remains unchecked.

-   Using the mouse set the angle of projection(i) to 5 deg.

Alternatively enter the value in directly.

-   Set the initial speed to a value U=15m/s .

-   Click on Fire to start the projectile and record the corresponding value of the range R.

-   Repeat with values

i= 10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,60,70,75,80,85.

-   Draw a graph of Range (R) against Angle of projection (i)

You may want your lay out to appear like in the table.



Angle          Range

5                      -

10                    -

15                    -







-   From your graph,

o   Describe the shape of the graph obtained. Comment.

o   Determine using the graph the angle for maximum range.


Post activity discussions

 Explain why there were differences between predicted and experimental value of range. What were the variables? How could variables be controlled?  What conditions would optimize experimental values?  How could

experiment be improved?  What other ways could projectile motion be tested?


Student reflections

The first group of stu

The first group of Physics students to be introduced to OER and PHET simulations
Image88.jpgThe first group of Physics students to be introduced to OER and PHET simulations

Mukiibi Nicholas


The project is awesome because you get to learn what you wouldnt have learnt by mathematcal ways. It creates morale to lear because it is excting learning.

Nakirijja Robinah

I enjoyed the activity of the experiment we have carried out because it was simpler than the theory part done in class. I wish we used laptops in studying,this would go well. Thank you Mr. Kizza Vincent

Musuuza Mathias

As Mussuza Mathias,thisproject is more practical than that of the heory part. and so I conclude by saying it is a nice project.

Nattabi Edith

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