Pre-Algebra/Beginning Algebra Concepts - Computer Resources (view)

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Pre Algebra/Beginning Algebra Concept Practice
Pre Algebra, Algebra, Order of Operations, Integers, Adding Integers, Slope, Expressions, Equations, Distributive Property, Exponent Rules, Exponents


The intention of this curriculum guide is to provide teachers with supplemental materials to use to support students in strengthening their skills in various concept areas that are crucial for understanding beginning algebra. The activities are broken down by skill with links provided below. This is intended as a way to provide students with engaging, primarily computer-based activities to get extra practice with material that is covered elsewhere in the curriculum. This collection focuses on simulations and games using the computer—some resources may be ripe for teachers to develop unique activities to accompany the simulation and some possible suggestions are included with the descriptions. This series is intended to be pick-and-choose. In this Curriculum Guide: Activities and practice with: Integers, Exponents, Order of Operations, Distributive Property, Expressions, Equations and Basic Graphing