Creating a Spreadsheet

Title: Creating a Spreadsheet with Survey Data

Overview:  Students will use the Google Docs Computer Commuter User Survey that was completed by 13 different students from Lesson 1 and input the data in the appropriate cells in a semi-prepared Computer Commuter Survey Spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet will organize the data, enhance the analyzation of the responses given by the different students from 6 different sites and allow for a more accurate conclusion.

Content/Context: Computer Commuter users from 6 different classroom sites completed an online survey concerning their experiences with the Computer Commuter and technology.  A collaborative document was created.  Working with this document, students will input the survey results into a spreadsheet for analysis and conclusion.

Length of lesson: This lesson will take several weeks to complete.  The Computer Commuter does not offer a set curriculum or classes, and students are free to visit as they wish.  Getting enough students to participate in this lesson will be the driving factor in determining length of lesson.

Digital Literacy Standards addressed:  

Review:  Email 4, 16

New:  Excel 1. Open a workbook, 3. Locate a cell, 9. Enter data in a cell

College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) and/or Transitions Integration Framework (TIF) Standards addressed:   CCRS:  Data, Probability, and Statistical Measurement:  Level A 1.MD.4 Organize, represent and interpret data

TIF: Effective Communication:  Skills 1 & 2; Language and Learning Strategies: Skill 2; Self-Management: Skill 2; Navigating Systems: Skill 2

Lesson Objective(s): At the end of this lesson, students will be able to use a hyperlink to open a shared spreadsheet in google docs, find the appropriate cell to input data from the Computer Commuter User’s Survey from Lesson 1, type the data they are responsible for in the correct cell and save the changes in the spreadsheet. A collaborative Computer Commuter Survey Data Spreadsheet will be created.

Assessing Mastery of the Objective(s):  By the end of this lesson, students have added the information from the Computer Commuter User Survey into the Survey Spreadsheet as evidenced by the creation of the completed Google Computer Commuter User Survey Spreadsheet.  Referencing the spreadsheet, they can easily quantify most of the data and determine common or unique Computer Commuter student experiences with the program and technology.

Materials/links:   Printed “Computer Commuter User Survey”, Google Docs access to the Computer Commuter User Survey Spreadsheet, computer and internet access.

Lesson Outline:

The Computer Commuter visits 6 different communities each week.  Users of this program know what activities others are working on in their community, but they might be surprised to learn of the numerous and varied technology projects completed on the Computer Commuter bus.  In Lesson 1, 13 Computer Commuter users completed a Google Docs survey of their personal experiences on the bus working with technology. This information from the collaborative document will be organized using a Google Spreadsheet, allowing for easier analyzation and conclusion of the Computer Commuter user’s experiences with the program and technology.


Guided Practice: With the printed, completed 13 Computer Commuter User Surveys in hand, each student will determine how best to organize and tabulate the data from the survey to the Google online Spreadsheet.  Students need to consider the varying formats of responses on the survey:  multiple choice or short answer responses.  Once a plan is formulated, the student will then log onto the Google Spreadsheet.

Independent Practice:  Students will access the online Google Computer Commuter User Survey Spreadsheet, and create a Spreadsheet format that works in organizing and analyzing the data.  This will include Column and Row headings and the actual Survey data.

Student Reflection on Learning, Closure, Connection: Students will share how/why they set up their Spreadsheet to organize Survey data, and what conclusions did they find.  Was the spreadsheet beneficial in finding overall results to the Computer Commuter User Survey?

Teacher Notes:

I think spreadsheets have broad appeal and multiple uses,  Once the spreadsheet is completed and the class has determined the numerous and various experiences on the Computer Commuter, we will brainstorm other possible uses for a spreadsheet.  Budgets, address lists, job application info, etc...

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