Reading One Syllable Words

Reading One Syllable Words

Learning Goals

  • Students will decode regularly spelled one-syllable words

Lesson Details

Students have been introduced to all short vowel sounds.  They are familiar with the rule that when there is one vowel in a word, it usually says it short sound.

Teacher will share short vowel video.  Short Vowels

Teacher will review short vowel sounds from video and refer to poster.

Image result for short vowel sounds

Teacher will model making words with short vowel sounds using letter tiles.  The teacher then reads each word Teacher will make/read:  man, ten, fit.  Reminder will be made that "I notice there is only one vowel in the word so it must say it's short sound.  Teacher blends the word and reads the word.  

Teacher asks students to individually make words using letter tiles.  Students read their words to a neighbor.

Students practice Making short vowel words using the app Making Words  Image result for making words app

Teacher monitors student progress on the App.


Students will record their reading of a word list and three sentences in their SeeSaw portfolio.  Teacher will determine the word list that students should read from based upon students current independent reading level.

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