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The purpose of this online school setting functioning skills assessment is to determine the likelihood of student success in the online school setting based on specific online functioning skills. Target skills were selected from over six years of observational, qualitative and quantitative data in an online school setting. Students who have strong online functioning skills appear to be more successful in the online school setting according to the data. This assessment form can be used by students to self assess, and/or by a student's parents, administrators and teachers in collaboration. The from consists of ten questions based on the most important functioning skills and behaviors needed in order have the best chance of success in an online setting. Participants are asked to answer on a 1-4 rubric resulting in a Total Score in order to determine the likelihood of success online. Assessment data is expected to be used to drive student interventions including teacher instruction of functioning skills, student self assessment, and ongoing progress monitoring. While this was created for Special Education Students, it can be used for any student or adult who is engaged in online learning.
Preschool, Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Middle School, High School, Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division, Graduate / Professional, Career / Technical, Adult Education
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