V-UPGRATES Validating and Upgrading VET Teachers and Trainers Digital Skills

The v-UPGRATeS project aims to introduce a comprehensive program for the improvement of VET trainers and teachers’ digital skills through an ICT assessment. An assessment tool has been created, so teachers can test their skills in a two-folded process. The tool was developed by the project consortium which consists of experts from five countries (Cyprus, Romania, Spain, Greece and Germany) on the basis of a digital competence framework. With the test results teachers can design their digital professional plan. This includes the enrolment in several online courses, which were developed by the v-UPGRATeS team. Thus teachers can upgrade their digital skills in an autonomous process. The skills then will be validated as teachers can get a certificate.

The free online V-UPGRATeS platform can be found here: https://upgrates.vupgrates.eu

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