Eco-Fiction Novel Study: Pre-reading Lesson

Eco-Fiction Novel Study

As graduation fast approaches, we are going to end this course with an eco-fiction novel study designed to encourage you to consider the role you play in the preservation of the earth. For this forum assignment you will:

Research:  Go to theClimate Hot Map created by Union of Concerned Scientists and review the information included on the website. Identify at least two interesting pieces of information that you will use to guide your final forum post.

Write:  Write a forum post explaining your "take-away" from the website.  Consider these questions as you are writing your post:  Why is this relevant to me? What impact will this have on future generations? What can I do to make a difference?  Your post should be a minimum of ten sentences, and include at least two blended quotes from the website.

Respond: Respond to the posts of at least three of your classmates.  Your responses should be insightful and demonstrate your new-found knowledge on the topic of climate change. Your responses should be at least 3-5 thoughtful and detailed sentences.

After submitting your post, you will select one of the following works on which to focus:

  • Ishmael - Daniel Quinn
  • The Water Knife - Paolo Bacigahipi
  • The Constant Gardener - John le Carre
  • Breathe - Sarah Crossan

CC BY| © 2011 Union of Concerned Scientists

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