Work-based Learning at Twinfield Union School

Twinfield provides many pathways to graduation.  This handbook is a guide for those of us who, at one time or another, place students in work-based learning experiences.  The website provides information and resources.  The hope is for it to lead to consistency when placing students in work-based learning experiences and assessing their learning.

Work-based learning experiences provide rich opportunities for Twinfield students. They also come with a mix of laws and regulations to which we are responsible.  There are regulations both at the federal and state levels -- child labor laws, wage and hour laws, non-discrimination laws, confidentiality laws, safety laws, and liability laws with which we need to become familiar.  

NOTE: Almost all of the information and resources in this handbook areverbatim from either from the Work-based Learning Coordinator graduate class, the Vermont Work-based Learning Manual or government documents.   

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