Contested futures for lighting in urban spaces: drawing on ideas about messiness and resistance to inform lighting education strategies against light pollution. Author Mary-Anne Kyriakou (view)

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Learning goals:
To explore concepts of messines, complex modelling and criticality to lighting education, To gain an understanding of light pollution
Complex Theory, Education, Emergence, Lighting Education, Light Pollution, light planning, lighting design
Module 1: Complexity Theory
Module 2: The mess of it all
Module 3: Understanding the problem of light pollution and does citizen science provide a site for digital education to educate the public?
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The three-hour course draws on educational concepts of rethinking higher educational practices towards complexity modelling, messiness and to bring about resistance against reductive simple systems of governance that privilege a homogenous one directional viewpoint. Citizen science as a form of digital education is explored in terms of public education and its application is extended to the area of light pollution. The author is a practising lighting designer and professor and chair of lighting design at the OWL University of Applied Sciences, Germany. This work is copyright of the author and licensed for free use by OER commons however attribution of work is required if it is re-used.