I-DEA Summer Course Package

About this course package

This course package is the complete Summer I-DEA course. It contains all eight instructional modules delivered in the fall quarter for instructors who will be delivering Full I-DEA. 

  • Technology Skills Pre-Assessment (given at the beginning of each quarter)
  • Introduction to I-DEA (beginning of each quarter)
  • Computer Skills (3 Day Module)
  • Writing Basics
  • Internet Basics
  • Information Literacy
  • Business Websites**
  • Team Collaboration**
  • End of Quarter Projects (given at the end of each quarter)
  • Technology Skills Post-Assessment (given at the end of each quarter)

It can also be used by instructors who will be Tailoring I-DEA; however, modules and module content that will not be used should be unpublished upon import into Canvas. This course includes an editable syllabus, homepage, tech assessments, grading scheme, Google Drive instructional folders for each module, and other course settings that are used in Project I-DEA.

**Instructor’s teaching the summer content have the option of delivering both modules or choosing between the two depending on the length of their quarter. 

Please note that the modules contained in the course package are also posted individually for those who are offering Tailored I-DEA.  To learn more about full vs tailored I-DEA, please review the I-DEA Program Specifications Google Slides Presentation.

Course outcomes

As I-DEA is based on modularized instructional topics,  there are no course level outcomes for this course package.  All outcomes are module based and can be found on the objectives page within each module, as well as the instructional guide housed in the Google Folder accessible from the link at the top of each module.

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