VA:Pr6.1.HSI-- Art Evidence Choice Matrix

Types of Evidence Choice Board

HS Proficient


Performance Standard

VA:Pr6.1.HSI - Analyze and describe the impact that an exhibition or collection has on personal awareness of social, cultural, or political beliefs and understandings.


Identify and analyze art that uses race as a theme from at least 5 different movements. In what ways do the artists communicate the theme? Are there any similarities between the pieces?

Art is often a call to arms or a response to a political or cultural change. Find 3 examples and explain the issues and the ways in which the art addresses them.

Curate an exhibition on immigration. Use a minimum of 10 artworks. Explain your choices and defend why you think they belong in this exhibit.

Create a series of 5 works using the theme: Life in 2050. Think about some of the major issues facing out world today. The 5 pieces could explore 1 theme in depth or 5 different themes.

Explore the purpose and rhetoric of propaganda art. What are 5+ common themes found in the art of war and propaganda? Cite examples to support your case. What messaging do you observe? In what ways is this messaging communicated to the viewer?

Historians have learned a lot about the life of our ancestors through the close study of art objects. Find 3 pieces of art and write a paragraph about what we have learned about our past as a result of their preservation. Why is each piece valued and preserved?


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