Advanced Child Development: Child Development Issues in Underdeveloped Nations

Advanced Child Development:  Child Development Issues in Underdeveloped Nations

Grade Level: 10th-12th

Subject: Advanced Child Development

Duration: 2 (50 minute periods)

DOK Level: 3

SAMR Level: 3

Indiana Standard:

ACD-4.2 Examine policies, issues, and trends in the workplace, community, nation, and world that impact children and child nurturing practices.


Students will investigate and critique child development issues in underdeveloped nations.  Students will present their findings and develop a logical argument for policy change that would improve the outcomes for children in that nation.

Essential Question:

  1. What are the current child development issues in the selected underdeveloped nation?
  2. What are the primary causes of these issues?
  3. What policy changes could lead to the improvement in children’s development in the selected underdeveloped nation?


  1.  In pairs students will research the child development issues and policies in a selected underdeveloped nation.
  2. Students will produce an imovie outlining the current state of children’s lives in the selected underdeveloped nation, the policies currently in place, and their logical argument for policy change in that nation.

Product or Assessment:

Students will submit an iMovie that demonstrates their understanding of the current state and policies for children in the selected underdeveloped nation as well as their logical argument for policy change to improve children’s lives.


Students can work individually,   Students can provide the necessary information in verbal or written form.  Students can submit their information in a different movie application.


Students can research and present their findings in regard to  the differences in child development among industrialized nations, developing nations, and underdeveloped nations..

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