Wiki Checklist—Elementary




Our wiki has a topic.


We use many good sources for our research.


We take notes on our topic.


We plan our wiki.


We divide up tasks.


We get more information when we need it.


We think about our audience and what they want to know.


We write our wiki’s content.


We ask for feedback about our writing.


We revise our writing to make it more interesting and correct.


We draw conclusions about what we learned.


We check our content to make sure it is correct.


We cite all our sources.


We find appropriate pictures, graphics, sound, and videos for our wiki.


We follow copyright laws.


We arrange our pages to make finding information easy.


We ask for feedback about our wiki’s design.


We brainstorm ways to add surprising and original features to our wiki.


We proofread our wiki for spelling, sentences, punctuation, capitalization, and Standard English.


We use the Wiki Rubric to self-assess our wiki.


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