Discover the Arts, vol.1: Intro, Visual Art, Music and Dance

This text on music encompasses a great deal of information on how music is produced (both instrumentally, as well as vocally, and via formal written music), and the history of musical forms. While it would be impossible to cover every aspect of music in terms of history, genres, and cultural significance, this book provides the tools to discover the key history and development of the forms we are most familiar with today.

Music Textbook

These chapters are excerpts from the original textbook which is linked in the Attributions:

Download: Chapter 1: Music Fundamentals.pdf

Download: Chapter 2: Music of the Middle Ages.pdf

Download: Chapter 3: Music of the Renaissance.pdf

Download: Chapter 4: Music of the Baroque Period.pdf

Download: Chapter 5: Music of the Classical Period.pdf

Download: Chapter 6: Nineteenth-Century Music and Romanticism.pdf

Download: Chapter 7: The Twentieth Century and Beyond.pdf

Download: Chapter 8: Popular Music in the United States.pdf

Download: Appendix.pdf

Download: Glossary.pdf


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