Tissue Culture BT375 WSU

Topics include historical tissue culture, the lab, aseptic technique, media, primary, transformed and stem cell lines, viability assays, transfection and scale up for bioprocessing of therapeutics.

A. Historical Animal Cell Culture: Examples HeLa Cells and the Mo Cell line

  1. Video from Mr. Dovekeeper on YouTube author Rebecca Skoots discusses the ethical debate about commercialization of Henrietta Lacks’s cells HeLa cells
  2. Video from PBS News hour Aug 8, 2013 NIH agreement with Lacks family and Francis Collins sequencing the genome DNA of Hela Cells
  3. Video from TedED what the development of HeLa cells have done for us. Benefits from HeLa Cells
  4.  Article from Nature about John Moore and the Mo Cell line, Blakeslee, S., Nature, 1984 Sep 20-26;311.  John Moore and the Mo Cell Line
  5.  Article from Am J Law Med. about John Moore and the Mo Cell line. Bergman, H.R., Am J Law Med. 1992;18(1-2):127-45 Rights to Mo Cell Line

B.  The Tissue Culture Lab

  1. Biosafety training tutorial from the Center of Disease Control. Biosafety Levels
  2.  Video from Thermo Fisher Scientific Aseptic Techniques Gibco®Cell Culture Basics.  Aseptic technique
  3.  A virtual lab training tutorial  from Thermo Fisher Scientific.  Virtual Lab Exercise
  4.  Article on cell culture media by M. Arora in Labome, DOI //dx.doi.org/10.13070/mm.en.3.175.  Review of Media for Cell Culture 

C.  Animal Cell Culture – The Basics

Historical Animal Cell Culture: Examples HeLa and the Mo Cell lines 

  1. Register on the American Type Tissue Culture web site ATTC.org for Animal Cell Culture tips and techniques for continuous cell lines. Guide for Cell Culture
  2. Video from Thermo Fisher Scientific: Cell culture basics. The Basics
  3. Video from Thermo Fisher Scientific: Freezing cells Freezing Cells
  4. Video from Thermo Fisher Scientific: Thawing cells Thawing Cells
  5. Video From the University of Toronto Cell Culture 101, passaging MCF 7 cells, the hood basics, media and serum.  Passaging Cells
  6. Video from European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC). Counting Cells using Trypan Blue and a hemocytometer.  Trypan Blue
  7. Video tutorial from CelsisIVT cell counting using the trypan blue exclusion method.  Live or Dead Cells
  8. Article on Mammalian Growth Media by Yang, Z. &  Xiong, H-R.  (2012). Culture Conditions and Types of Growth Media for Mammalian Cells, Biomedical Tissue Culture, Dr. Luca Ceccherini-Nelli (Ed.), from InTechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/52301.   Culture Conditions Serum and Serum Free Media 

D.  Primary Cells – Chick Embryo

  1. Video from Abnova on primary cell lines – chick embryo dissection and harvesting myocyte cells.  Chick Myocyte Cells
  2. Video by M. Thompson of chick cardiac cell beating 48 hours after seeding.  Beating Cells in Culture

E.  Cell Culture Techniques

  1.  Article in Assay Guidance Manual of Sittampalam GS, Coussens NP, Brimacombe K, et al., editors. Bethesda (MD): Eli Lilly & Company and the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, 2004-.  Cell Viability Assays, Riss TL, Moravec RA, Niles AL, Dulleman S.,Benick, H.A.,Worzella T.J.,& Minor L. Cell Viability Assays 
  2. Video from MirusBio, blackboard drawings outlining the simplicity of transfection.  Transfection
  3.  Video from Thermo Fisher Scientific. White board sketch of how to do a transfection.  Whiteboard Transfection
  4.  Video from Thermo Fisher Scientific.Plasmid DNA transfection.  Plasmid transfection with Lipofectamine
  5. Video from Thermo Fisher Scientific.v. siRNA transfection. siRNA Transfection
  6.  Video from Abnova on electroporation. Electroporation

F. Stem Cell Culture

  1.  Video from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Genes to Cognition.  The definition of stem cells, self renewal, undifferentiated and differentiated cells.  Stem Cells
  2. Animation from Howard Hughes Medical Institute Human on embryonic development. Embryo Development
  3. Animation from Howard Hughes Medical Institute on making stem cell lines.  Stem Cells from the ICM
  4. Virtual Stem Cell Culture Lab from Thermofisher.com/ Pluripotent Virtual Lab

G.  Scale Up of Animal Cell Culture for Bioprocessing

  1.  Article from MIT International Symposium on Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals 2014 White Paper 4.  Continuous Bioprocessing of Pharmaceuticals
  2.  Article from Corning - guide to scale up.  Corning Scale Up
  3.  Video from Merck Serono on industrial scale up. Industry Scale Up for Biopharmaceuticals 
  4. Video from Roche on industrial scale up.  Bioreactor Scale Up

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