Tissue Culture BT375 WSU

Intro to cells: What is a cell? How does it replicate? How does a cell communicate with other cells?

A. Cell structure

  1.  Plant and animal cells interactive animation from www.cellsalive.com

         Animation: Animal and Plant Cell Structure

    2.  Video from Biology Cell Structure from Nucleus Medical Media. 


    3.  Video from Bozemanscience.com -A tour of the cell 

A Tour of the Cell

B. The Cell Cycle.  Cell replication by mitosis or meiosis, and uncontrolled cell division leads to cancer.

  1. Mitosis animation from cells alive.com Mitosis
  2. Meiosis animation from cells alive.com Meiosis
  3. Cell cycle animation from cells alive.com Cell cycle
  4. Biointeractive click and learn the cell cycle HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) Spanish available.  Cell cycle and cancer  in Spanish

C.  Cell differentiation and communication depends on cell signals. Cells -> tissues -> organs -> organ systems and ultimately organisms.

  1.  3D animation from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Cell signaling
  2.  Animation from HHMI signal molecules Signal molecules and transcription factors

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