National Conference on Coaching in Health and Human Services 2017

This page provides access to the presentations and materials offered throughout the 2017 National Conference of Coaching in Health and Human Services, which was hosted by the Northern California Training Academy at the University of California, Davis from April 25-26, 2017.  This first-of-its-kind conference brought together human services professionals, leaders, researchers, coaches, instructors and other stakeholders interested in learning more from colleagues about the implementation of coaching in health and human services.

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Keynote Presentations (2017)

Opening Session

Presented by Adela de la Torre, Ph.D., vice chancellor, agricultural economist and director of the Center for Transnational Health at UC Davis

Coaching in the Moment: Both Immediate and Long-Term Outcomes from Brief Conversations

Presented by James Flaherty, MCC, founder, New Ventures West

Using the Tools of Critical Thinking within Health and Human Services

Presented by Linda Elder, Ph.D., educational psychologist

What Millennials Are Teaching Us About Coaching Best Practices

Presented by Eric Fenner, managing director, Casey Family Programs

Coaching with Social Neuroscience in Mind

Presented by Beth Cohen, Ph.D., organizational and clinical psychologist

Workshop Materials (2017)

The workshops listed below include those that were able to digitally share their materials for posting. To learn more about all of the workshops offered throughout the National Conference on Coaching in Health and Human Services, including information on all of the presenters, please see the event program.

Download: NCCHHS 2017 Event Program.pdf

Workshop A1: Bringing the Tools of Critical Thinking to Parents and Children

Workshop A2: Coaching Supervisors to Best Practice -- Innovation in Alaska

Workshop A3: Coaching Youth to Be Creative, Connected, Resourceful and Whole (CCRW)

Workshop A4: Family-Centered Coaching: A New Toolkit to Advance Whole Family Outcomes

Workshop A5: Seek, Share, Soar: Take Off and Transform Through Person-Centered Coaching

Workshop A7: The Supervisor Roundtable Series: An Innovative Skill-Building Process

Workshop B1: Coaching Across the Sprectrum: Strategies for On-Boarding, Staff Retention and Agency Leadership

Workshop B2: Coaching and Critical Thinking: Using Critical Thinking in the Coaching Process

Workshop B4: Coaching Resonant Leaders

Workshop B5: The Power of the Parallel Process: Adapting the Road Map Tool for Organizational Growth

Workshop B6: The Use of Coaching in Illinois's Model for Enhancing Supervisory Practice

Workshop C1: Building Coaching Competency: Building Proficiency in Using the Coaching Skills

Workshop C2: Coaching Foster Parents: Lessons from the Field

Workshop C3: Coaching to Support Practice Model Implementation

Workshop C4: Group-Based Coaching

Workshop C5: Resilience in Times of Complexity and Change

Workshop C6: A Tale of Two Counties: A Comparison of Internal and External Coaching Models

Workshop C7: Coaching Models: The Freedom of Structure

Workshop D1: Below the Surface: What's Going on in Successful Coaching Partnerships

Workshop D2: Building Coaching Competency and Supporting a Coaching Culture

Workshop D4: Coaching Children, Youth and Their Families in Intensive Home-Based Services

Workshop D5: Coaching Core Competencies: Creating Trust, Active Listening and Asking Powerful Questions

Workshop D6: E.P.E. for CoP

Workshop D7: Every Coaching Client is a Leader

Workshop E1: Coaching Skills for Leaders

Workshop E4: Visit Coaching

Workshop E6: Mindfulness Practices: Powerful Tools to Maximize Employee Motivation, Creativity and Engagement

To learn more about all of the workshops offered throughout the National Conference on Coaching in Health and Human Services, including information on all of the presenters, please see the event program.

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