School Librarians Advancing STEM Learning, Year 3 Pre-Academy Webinar w/ NC SLs

The "School Librarians Advancing STEM Learning" (SLASL) project, supported by IMLS, and in partnership with Granite State College, NH, continues the work in Year 3 in North Carolina School Librarians.

Meeting AGENDA

•Meet each other through quick Introductions

•Connect with ISKME and our approach to Open Educational Resources

•Get to know what’s driving the SLASL project

•Be introduced to OER Commons digital library tools and resources

•Kick off your pre-Academy assignment with your cohort

Meeting ASSETS:

Download: Y3 SLibrarian Pre-Academy Webinar v1a_AG_J1mQJcC.pdf

Download: ISKME Y3 NC SL Pre-Webinar.mp4

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