Project Timeline

Project Timeline



January 2017

  Pre-Survey deadline -- Tuesday January 10th

  LMS Webinar --  Wednesday January 11th

  Pre-Assignment due Friday January 20th

  Academy - Friday January 20 - Saturday January 21

February 2017

Webinar 1 - Understanding and Selecting Standards

        Wednesday Feb 15 7-8:00pm

  • Watch 15 minute recorded session on deconstructing standards to write learning objectives by Monday Feb 13th

  • Comment on Discussion Post by Tuesday Feb 14th


(Complete Template Parts I-IX for feedback by Friday March 3rd)


March 2017

Webinar 2 - Organizing Text Sets and Supporting Inquiry

          Wednesday March 15 7-8:00pm

  • Watch 15 minute recorded session on selecting supporting texts by Monday March 13th

  • Comment on Discussion Post by Tuesday March 14th

(Complete Template Part X for feedback by Wednesday April 5)

April 2017

 Webinar 3 - Collaborative Implementation

          Wednesday April 19 7-8:00pm

  • Comment on Discussion Post by Tuesday April 18th


(Complete Template Part XI for feedback by Friday May 5th, but BEFORE implementation)

May 2017

Implement unit by Tuesday May 30th -- SAVE student work samples, record student feedback, record videos

June 2017

Publish draft unit by Thursday June 1st in OER Commons

Webinar 4 - Leadership & Advocacy

        Wednesday June 7th 7-8:00pm

(Develop Leadership & Advocacy Plan by Wednesday June 21st)

September 2017

Webinar 5 - Reflection and Student Work

     Wednesday Sept. 6th 7-8:00pm

(Complete Template, Parts XII-XIII by Monday September 18)

(Participate in feedback cycle during September 18-29)

October 2017

Refine and re-publish final unit by Saturday October 21


Continue advocacy in person and through online social media and communication channels


Complete closing survey by Tuesday October 31

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