The lesson will apply Newton’s Second Law equation, F=ma (Force equals mass times acceleration) to a lab, which allows learners to solve problems using the equation while performing an experiment. The lab will be created in a way to teach the scientific method.
The purpose of the lesson with respect to adult education is to teach learners about the scientific method, while it is not used directly the process is the foundation of what would be performed in a typical entry-level laboratory or research job, which would consist of doing part of or all of an experiment in a similar manner.
Mathematics, Physical Science
Upper Primary, Middle School
Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8
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Rema Merrick
on Dec 19, 07:46am Evaluation

Quality of Instructional and Practice Exercises: Strong (2)

I think it would be helpful to add one or two exercises in a different format (i.e., a brainstorming activity in the warm-up section that assesses learners' prior knowledge of the Scientific Method / Newton's Law).

Rema Merrick
on Dec 19, 07:46am Evaluation

Quality of Assessments: Limited (1)

I felt that the assessment did not effectively evaluate the learners' ability to perform the scientific method because there was no measurement involved. In addition, only a select few learners even participate in this portion of the activity. I think it would be helpful to add an activity that measures the learners' comprehension in a more concrete way and one in which all learners must participate.



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