Inquiry Project: Endangered Bees

Unit: Endangered Bees

  • Persistent Issue: In Hawaii, the bees are now an endangered species.

  • Central Question: How can the people of Hawaii protect the bees?

Lesson 1: Grabber and Introduction

Introductory Grabber: I give each student a tablespoon of honey. While the kids are tasting the honey, I ask some questions about bees, like “What do bees do for our environment?” “Do you like bees?” “Do you remember our talk about what bees do to flowers?” Try to present the questions in a casual manner, like conversation. Then, when they’re done, ask them, “What would happen if there were no more bees?” The kids may respond about the honey being gone, or no more flowers, or other things that may happen if bees did not exist. Then, I will move them


Introduce the Central Question: I tell the children that in Hawaii, 7 species of yellow faced bees have been added to the endangered species list.


The students may not know what endangered is, so I will explain about different animals who have become extinct over the years, and go on to say that before they are extinct, they become endangered so that people know not to hurt them or the places they live. Then, I would give examples of animals that are endangered, reminding the kids that these animals cannot be hurt in any way so that there will be more of them. I would then go on to say that the bees have just become endangered recently, and that if people keep being mean to bees, there will soon no longer be bees anywhere, not just in Hawaii. To wrap up, I would ask the kids a question to say to themselves: How can we protect the endangered bees?

Culminating Activity: Save The Bees Presentation

Introduction: Students can work in groups of 2 or 3, and each group can create a fun poster of bees and how they can help them stay alive. Then, each group can come in with their poster and explain what would happen if they did not have bees, and then continue by making suggestions of how they can save bees from going extinct everywhere.

Lecture: The students will be lecturing each other in formulating their opinions on bee extinction in Hawaii and why it is important to keep bees alive.  At the end of the lecture, they will have to answer some questions to make sure they know what they are talking about.

Activity Overview:  The activity overall allows the students to share their opinions with their classmates, which will help them with public speaking at a young age. Because they are working with their friends, it will be easier for them to be in front of their peers without being as shy.

Debriefing: We will ask them questions at the very end as to why it is important to raise awareness for bees and their extinction. Then we can ask them what they will do to raise awareness, and we can even set up an extra credit assignment for them in exchange for a pizza party. Their extra credit could be them each raising money to buy a bee hive for the school.


Websites Students Can Use for Research:

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