Standard: 1.ESS.4 Develop solutions that could be implemented to reduce the impact of humans on the land, water, air, and/or other living things in our local environment.

Driving Question:  How can you lower your carbon footprint?


PBS kids carbon footprint calculator. We will pull this online game up and go through the questions to figure out our classes carbon footprint. For each question, we will ask students which answer fits them. The answer with the most hands raised will be the one we select. After this is complete, the game will generate our classes carbon footprint, and we will look at it, and talk a little more in depth about what a carbon footprint is.

Culminating Activity:  

We will give the students the following brainstorming sheet after introducing carbon footprints in class. They will then work individually to come up with their own answers . Next, they will be placed into groups of four and they will collaborate to make posters combining all of their ideas. These will then be presented to the class.

Supplies needed:

  • Brainstorming Sheet
  • Poster Boards
  • Markers
  • One computer per group (further research)


How can you lower your carbon footprint?

Things I can turn off:

How will I get to school:

What I will eat:

How much will I use electronics:

What I will recycle:

Other things I will do:

Criteria Excellent (✓+)Good (✔)Needs Work (-)
Completion of brainstorming sheetBrainstorming Sheet is fully completeBrainstorming sheet is missing some informationLittle to none was filled out/Not completed
Presentation Presentation is well thought out Presentation is lacking some preparationNo thought was put into the presentation
Teamwork Worked well with others in their groupHad some issues with other teammates, but still was able to complete the projectDid not get along well with others. Leading to the incompletion of the project
ParticipationActively participated in the project and shared during presentation Distracted at points but still participated. Barely shared during presentationLittle to none participation. Did not share during presentation

 Final Grade: ____

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