Sociology Live!

Sociology Live! is a series of open source videos available on for faculty and students in sociology. Using VideoScribe technology, these videos precisely explain complex sociological theories and concepts and engage both auditory and visual learners. Engaging different types of learning styles is important as students report losing attention in class can be as short as 30 seconds into the class period and up to 10-20 minutes in length. Students report shorter lapses in attention when faculty use non-lecture pedagogy. With each video being six minutes or less they can be easily incorporated into any face-to-face Introduction to Sociology course or embedded online. Discussion questions are included at the end of each video.

Research Method

Scientific MethodThis video examines the basic scientific method using the six steps as described in Sociology 2E (OpenStax), pages 31-33.There are six steps to the scientific method:
1. Ask a Question
2. Research existing sources
3. Formulate a Hypothesis
4. Design and Conduct a Study
5. Draw Conclusions
6. Report Results

Understanding the scientific method helps us distinguish sociology from common sense and gives us an insightful picture into how we experience things in groups.

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