Describing Traffic and Road Signs in Basic English

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This lesson is geared towards beginning English language learners who plan to take a U.S. driving test. The goal of this lesson is for learners to be able to recognize various traffic and/or road signs and describe their meanings for the purpose of passing a U.S. driving test and driving safely on the road.


Robin Armstrong on Apr 23, 01:06pm

An excellent 30-minute lesson. Primary and supplementary resources are strong. Since the ultimate goal is so important with so much real-world application, i wonder if more assessment-related activities might be helpful as might richer activities. Hard to do in a 30-minute time limit, however, so well done for the time limit.

Jean Gierbolini
on Nov 19, 12:59pm Evaluation

Quality of Assessments: Strong (2)

The worksheets are clear and easy to understand. Since the learners are ESL students, you may want to add a performance aspect to demonstrate they understand the meanings of the words stop, slow, go, etc. Perhaps they could model with cars.