Understanding and Evaluating Foreshadowing (view)

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Content Area: English Language Arts Grade Level: 10-11 / Adult Education
Learning goals:
Identify what foreshadowing in literature is, Analyze the use of foreshadowing to the larger theme or central ideas, Evaluate the effectiveness of foreshadowing (eg. does it establish suspense? humor?), Apply knowledge of foreshadowing to everyday occurrences and events
Designers for Learning, Adult Education, Foreshadowing, English, Literature, Literary Analysis, Evaluate


This module is intended for adult learners with some previous high school education who are pursuing the completion of their GED. This lesson focuses on identifying and evaluating foreshadowing, targeting the Common Core Readiness Standards for ELA/Literacy 2. Adult learners will read, analyze, and evaluate foreshadowing in multiple examples. This module involves reading, viewing, and writing components.