Arithmetic and Travel Planning

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English Language Arts, History, Mathematics
Upper Primary, Adult Education
Grade 4
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Activity/Lab, Lesson Plan, Reading
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The learner plans a vacation trip to Washington DC focusing on a three of their own selections between the numerous historical sites, monuments or museums. The learner plans where they will visit over those three to four days. Using addition, subtraction and or percentage functions, the learner prepares a budget for lodging, transportation, entertainment, souvenirs and food. The student will be ask to develop a five slide PowerPoint presentation of one of their places chosen and what they plan to spend on the visit to Washington DC. Materials to include in this exercise are computer, books and calculators.


Andres Chan
on May 02, 09:31pm Evaluation

Math: Instructional Supports: Strong (2)

More mathematical concepts and terminology could be incorporated in the course. For example, operation with decimal numbers, percentages, etc.

Andres Chan
on May 02, 09:31pm Evaluation

Math: Assessment: Strong (2)

Evidence of the degree to which the student can demonstrate the targeted CCSS is indirectly observed with the activity.

Rubrics to show the performance must be included.