Chess 101


Students will take active roles in learning the game of chess and improving their skills, ability, and knowledge of the game. Students will read and/or listen to the course material, complete practice drills for each module, complete and submit the assessments, and submit properly recorded (notated) games that they played.


Students will learn the basics of the game in addition to proper notation and tactics. They will apply this knowledge to rated games within the school chess club or non-rated games on free on-line sites.

Grading Criteria

School or club policy regarding due dates, late work, and close out dates will be strictly enforced. THIS INCLUDES PENALTIES FOR LATE WORK. All course assignments will be graded within two school days of their due date.  Late assignments will be graded no later than one week following the date the student submits the work properly. 


There is no textbook for this class. Handouts, notation sheets, pamphlets or booklets will be provided by the instructor.


Download: Glossary.docx

Download: Blank Boards.docx

Download: Notation Sheets.docx

Download: WEBLIOGRAPHY_1_1.docx

Download: Play Chess on line_1.docx

Course Structure

The course consists of nine modules or units. Each module contains lessons (light green background), drills (black background), create your own challenges (beige background) and tests (purple background). In addition, there are supplemental practice exercises available as downloadable Word documents.

Modules One & Two

Download: modules 1 & 2_3.pptx

Modules Three & Four

Download: ChessI v9.12 modules 3 & 4_1.pptx

Modules Five & Six

Download: ChessI v9.12 module 5 & 6_1.pptx

Modules Seven & Eight

Download: ChessIv 9.12 module 7 & 8_1.pptx

Module Nine

Download: ChessI v9.12 module 9_1.pptx

Download: Play Chess on line.docx

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