Officers vindicated in Silver Shield case

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Christy George reports on the outcome of the US Attorney's Silver Shield rape investigation. George notes that a grand jury determined that there was no case to be made against the officers involved. George's report includes footage of Frank McGee (attorney for William Dunn) and Peter Dowd (attorney for Juan Garcia) speaking to the media about the grand jury's findings. George interviews Sadiki Kambon (Boston Black Coalition) about the reaction of the African American community to the findings of the grand jury. George notes that the African American community is still pushing for indictments in the case. George reviews the facts of the case and talks about the officers involved. George's report includes photographs of Lucia Kai (Roxbury resident), William Dunn (Boston Police Department), and William Kennefick (Boston Police Department). George's report includes footage of Jose Garcia (Boston Police Department) and Richard Armstead (Boston Police Department) and footage of a press conference with Francis 'Mickey' Roache (Commissioner, Boston Police Department), Albert Sweeney (Boston Police Department), Arthur Morgan (Boston Police Department), and Don Muhammad (Roxbury community leader).This tape includes additional footage of Dowd and Garcia speaking to the media.

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